Testimonials from satisfied customers


Prof. Dr. Daniele Manfredini

MSc in Occlusion and Craniomandibular Disorders
PhD in Dentistry from the ACTA Amsterdam
Expert of Bruxism and Author of the Book ” Il bruxismo nella Clinica Odontoiatrica”


“As a bruxism researcher, for years I have tested every kind of device that could allow me to deepen the measurement of this fascinating and varied phenomenon. In clinical research, thanks to Bruxoff, for the first time it is really possible to make a home measurement, simplifying various studies aimed at deepening the aspects of the sleep bruxism still to be clarified. The possibility to have an exact measurement of the phenomenon, performed by the dentist and “read” to the patient, it is not an indifferent surplus in clinical field, especially for professionals who are approaching extensive implant-prosthetic rehabilitations look for various risk factors exact classification, among which bruxism is definitely one of most important.
Finally, therefore, an instrument that is really able to measure what it promises to measure and which can have concrete applications in the double role of research aid and foundation for the clinic. ”


Dr. Francesco Ravasini

Dentist. Parma


“I’ve been using Bruxoff for almost 4 years and the balance can only be positive.
While remaining the polysomnography the gold standard, for all the reasons we know, a small device like the Bruxoff can be of great help.
Having numbers and a given measurement, in the dysfunctional field, it is important both in the diagnosis and in the patient’s motivation.
Even in the prosthetic field, and for the protection of our reconstructions, there could be several benefits, but to talk about it would take more time.
Start buying it and then… we talk about!”

Prof. Luca Levrini

President of Degree Course in Dental Hygiene
Director of University Research Center Gold Skull Facial Disease and Medicine
University of Insubria (COMO)


“Buxoff is a particularly interesting tool in clinical practice. It allows both to overcome the frequent diagnostic doubts linked to the diagnosis of bruxism and to allow a precise evaluation of therapeutic follow-up. A tool therefore useful both for the clinician and for the patient to become aware of the problem and the goals of treatment.”


Dott. Alberto Diaspro

Surgeon, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery
Graduated in Aesthetic Medicine
Freelancer, Turin


“Bruxoff allowed me to standardize my diagnostic approach to bruxism, helping me to make informed therapeutic choices, based on evidence as well as correct clinical sense.”


Prof. Andrea Deregibus

MD DDS PhD, Aggregate Professor
Clinical Gnathology
Chief Deparment of Orthodontics
Vice Director Post Graduate School in Orthodontics
University of Turin Dental School


“Dental School Gnathology Service of the University of Turin has been using Bruxoff for about 2 years. We have performed more than 300 recordings and published several scientific papers on the subject. Bruxoff allowed us to improve our diagnostic standards as well as the therapeutic approach to the complex cases that come to our observation. The patient finally feels at the center of the diagnostic-therapeutic process.”


Prof. Dr Iacopo Cioffi

DDS, Phd, Specialist in Orthodontics
Assistant Professor
Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry
University of Toronto CANADA


“I used Bruxoff for research at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, where I investigated the relationship between the daytime clenching episodes and the masticatory muscle pain in 2014. The device is very comfortable, and all participants were very comfortable with its usage. It is smaller than a mobile phone. Also, it requires a minimal training for patient home recordings. Bruxism episodes in both individuals suffering from temporomandibular disorders and pain-free individuals. The software provided for clinical assessment is very feasible. It is possible to use EMG software for raw data caption and analysis. I strongly recommend this device. Main advantages: minimal training for both patients and physicians / dentists, small and handy, accurate recordings.”